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>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

B is for Blessed! That’s how I’m feeling today. I’d even go so far as to say giddy, but it’s not “G” week, so that won’t work.

Today I got the news that a devotional piece I wrote, “No Retiring in T-Ball,” has been accepted as a future guest post on the blog Jewels of Encouragement! (Hence the giddy feeling.) As if that sweet slice of cake wasn’t enough to make my day, I was given the icing, too! I am proud to announce I will soon be a regular contributor on the Jewels of Encouragement team! Thank you to Patty Wysong for this great opportunity! I’m looking forward to writing with you and all of the Jewelers. What a wonderful blessing to me to be able to share some of my writing and hopefully bless someone else in the process.

Speaking of blessings, God has been blessing our socks off lately! Here’s just a few of the many great things he has done in our lives as of late:
  • Monkey Boy has discovered how to use the potty! HALLELUJAH! We’re still in the early stages of potty training, but he has made tons of progress in the last month or two! Yes, I give God the glory for this. Every good and perfect gift, right?
  • DSguy is growing in his musicianship. He marched in the town Memorial Day with his trumpet yesterday, and he has been singing with the church praise team for a couple of weeks now. My musician mommy heart is swelling! It’s wonderful to see how God has gifted our eldest.
  • Our church children’s group, which The Man and I co-lead with some other church folks, had 14 kids in it last week! Now I know that might not sound like a large number to some, but to our small town church of about 45 or so, that’s just plain bursting at the seams! What could be better than an influx of kids learning about Jesus? God is so good!

So how about you? How has God blessed you lately?


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