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>> Friday, December 9, 2011

Long time no see! I have a long list of excuses why I haven’t written in awhile, but they’re all lame. True, but lame.

So I missed the end of Patty Wysong’s meme. I almost made it through the whole alphabet…I petered out at T. Lemme see if I can come up with a Reader’s Digest version of the last few letters. A last ditch effort to complete what I started.

U – Ubiquitous – What I need to be in order to get everything done that I’ve been trying to get done.
V – Valiant – The effort I’ve put in trying to get everything done.
W – Whiny – What I’ve sometimes been while trying to get everything done.
X – Nope. I’ve got nothin’. Xylophone just doesn’t cut it.
Y – Yearning – As in, yearning to write again.
Z – Zealous – What I hope I am in the new year when it comes to my writing.

There. I finished. Really late, but better late than never.

DSguy and I are in a theater production of “A Christmas Story” right now. We’re halfway through the run, and then I’m hoping I will be more active on this, my poor, neglected blog. Meanwhile, enjoy the season, and don’t shoot your eye out.


>> Thursday, October 20, 2011


Star Wars and Tongue Tied

>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

S week is easy…S is for STAR WARS! And I’m late. I suppose since it’s actually T week, T should be for tardy. But I digress.

What to say about Star Wars? Everybody knows it, everybody loves it. (At least almost everybody I know.) Here’s a couple of my favorite Star Wars tributes:

First off, the commercial everyone is talking about…the pint-sized Darth Vader.

Genius. Somebody give that ad guy a raise.

Another stroke of pure genius…the Star Wars story set to a John Williams music medley…in four part harmony…sung by ONE guy! Love it.

Corey Vidal is the man. I need to go check out his other videos.

Getting back to T week. Besides tardy, T is also a nice fit for tongue tied.

This video cracks me up every stinkin’ time. This poor youth pastor is just doing his job, when—WHAM!—out comes an epic flub worthy of a lifetime achievement award. God bless his embarrassed heart.

Did you see his eyes bug out when he figured out what he had just said? Classic. Never fails to make me laugh.

Speaking of eyes bugging out…that reminds me of a similar flub The Man once made. We were in a small church in a rural farming community. The Man was on the platform, going through prayer requests, when he came up with this doozy.

“Let’s pray for Joe, who fell off his concubine and hurt himself.”

WHAT? Come again, city boy?

Yeah, that was supposed to be combine. “Joe” fell off his combine, as in farming implement!

Too bad that was before YouTube.


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