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>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Quarantine! At least that's how it's been feeling for the last few days. On Thursday, DSguy had a sudden outbreak of six red dots, right in his armpit and on his chest. He’d had a headache the day before. Uh-oh. We thought we might be looking at a breakthrough bout with chicken pox. Off to the doctor we went. By this time, DSguy had a sore throat, too. Thankfully, the good doc said it wasn’t the pox—most likely an insect bit him or something poked him. So all that for a mosquito buffet? Yup. The doc said there might be a virus causing the sore throat and headache, but nothing to worry about at this point. Whew!

Fast-forward to Friday morning. I went to wake DSguy up for school (which is a trick in and of itself), and he had a fever and a gunky nose. There’s the virus. So DSguy has been under quarantine since Friday. He comes out to use the bathroom and occasionally sneaks out to check on what The Man is doing on the computer, but that’s about it. Poor kid is stir crazy. He’s chomping at the bit to play on the computer. Thankfully, he’s on the upward swing. Unless his fever decides to make an encore performance this afternoon, it’s back to school with him tomorrow!

Beats being quarantined.


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